Joy Moitra (Voices Within)

Joy Moitra would like to introduce himself as someone who likes to juggle with words in his spare time. He loves playing with them and drawing word-pictures. He has recently published his debut collection of poems titled ‘ Fragments and Frames’. He is a service-industry professional who lives in Kolkata with his wife, daughter and sister.

Mystery man

Love was a word forbidden,
Life, an unwound string of woes,
Time, an endless stretch of motion sickness
Till I saw her beautiful face.
She was Nature’s unwanted gift
Who made my sagging spirits lift
She, and I, and the mystery man
Into the wilderness we happily ran
Love, Life, Time - all, together sang!

In a faraway world

Frozen lips
My warm kisses 
Falling on deaf ears
Whispering breaths
A mile away 
The kettle whistling 
A tune from far away Mesopotamia
The dead buried in deep slumber
A hissing snake; black 
Spitting frothy, bubbly, venom
Into the crevices of a world unknown.

My guest this morning

A grey winter morning’s dawn
The fir trees still covered with snow
Gifts lying unwrapped in the lonely corner
Suddenly someone strikes softly on the front door
Who can it be on this dull, dreary day – not me, not my shadow I’m sure
It must be the ray of hope I carried back on my shoulders
From the last Christmas, when the sun shone,
When the birds chirped and the children played with snowflakes

That must be my guest this morning I thought. But I never opened the door.

Voices Within-2020 :: Setu, February 2020

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