Poetry: Gary Beck

Gary Beck

Will Spring never come?
One day it’s freezing,
the next it’s warm.
Crazy weather.
And the meteorologists
always seem to get it wrong.
Maybe it’s that Groundhog’s fault?
The rodent comes out once a year,
looks for a shadow…
I thought only people
looked for shadows.
Do they let him out other times?
That couldn’t be much fun
stuck in a box
every day but one.
Then again, humans aren’t known
for treating anything kindly,
especially other humans.
So nothing else to do
but stay bundled up,
try not to catch the flu
and think how nice it’ll be
when it gets warm again.


a criminal act
that torments many,
is a dangerous virus
that infects many,
debilitating them,
frequently stunting growth,
inhibiting potential
often never realized,
carried out by the deficient,
mentally or emotionally
taking out inadequacies
on the younger, smaller,
weaker, smarter,
unable to defend themselves
against unwarranted abuse,
the crime compounded
by the system’s refusal
to protect our children.


Working men and women
deliver to the wealthy,
bringing luxuries
reserved for the few,
while others labor long hours,
to earn a living,
to support their families,
but will never understand
why their children do without,
while the children of privilege
have every convenience.

Rhythmic Change

Winter almost over
the last deceptive cold
lurks in the distance,
urgent for a last bluster
before final defeat
by warming days
bringing brief relief
to urban dwellers,
until they start complaining
about excess heat.

Awaiting Attack

Gunfire in American schools
was once unheard of.
Now it’s happening often,
almost every other day,
a violent climate change
of terror, chaos, death,
while our incompetent leaders
refuse to recognize
the assault on our society
must be stopped,
before attacks become
 a daily event,
an inevitable occurrence
in a nation of officials
who refuse to take action
to protect our children.

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