Soumyanetra (Voices Within)

Soumyanetra is currently a faculty member of the Economic Research Unit (ERU) at the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) Kolkata. Even though she’s a trained economist, she has always been a passionate lover of English and have been composing in various genres since childhood. She has been publishing prose and poetry in ‘The Statesman’ ever since she was in school and even now regularly contributes articles and short stories to the daily. She has recently published her first collection of poems titled “You’re the Mecca I never want to visit” which has been very well-received. 

In my mother's womb

Let me wake up tonight
In my mother’s womb
In the snug cover of love and security
Blinded from the showy dazzle
Of the outer, corrupt world
Where fabrication and lies abound
Let me wake up tonight
In my mother’s womb
Where the sheer physical connections
Of truth and respect
Overwhelm and persist
And are the only restraints
Let me imbibe the sounds and
Fragrances of her selflessness
Let me sink in the beauty 
And ecstasy of her body
And cry at her many scrifices
Let there be no other truth
Let me never be born again.

On the coldest day of the city

On the coldest day of the city
I send you my warmest wishes
As the grey monotony of the winter
Descends on the shivering city
Like sleep on bored, drooping eyelids
I send you the warmth of 
My snug blanket at night
As the dark smoke chokes 
The green and the living 
And the fog shrouds
The colours and the contours
I send you the vibrancy
And the joy of a clear blue summer sky
To all those without warm clothes
Writhing on the coldest of floors
With the severest chill
Slowly stabbing the spine
On a clear starry wintry night
I send you cushions of heat and hope
And the wet moisture
Of a hot humid summer day
To all those shivering on the streets
As the last embers of the tired fire dies 
I send you the soft caress
Of the first rays of the morning sun
And to those fighting the endless tyranny
Of the unending winter nights
I send you the comfort and love
Of cozy hugs and embraces
Of hopes and thoughts
Of a spring not too far away
And to those whose senses have got numbed
By the ruthlessness of the cold 
And those that huddle together 
Like piles of dirty clothes
On desolate pavements in my shivering city, 
My poor city, my orphan city, my lonely city,
I send you my warmest wishes.

The sea and the sand

There is sand all over me
My hair and body
And slopes and troughs
And edges and corners
In every pore and every path
Clinging on to me like
Suckling babies
Like they’re bent upon finding
Out my deepest secrets
My deepest agonies
The ocean’s within me though
The tumult, the turbulence
The endless waves lashing
At the shores of my existence
My emotions and beliefs
My thoughts and hopes
Love and despair
Crushing upon the sands
And then again caressing and smoothing them
Lovingly and with great care
Patterns and contours
Carved effortlessly across 
The body of time and space
Endless saga of the sand and the shore
Just seemingly going past
Yet not quite
Returning to one’s loving embrace
And again stretching into the unknown
Into the infinite and beyond
I am one with them
One among them
Disintegrating and assembling
In a seamless show of timelessness

Just a speck in the eternity.

Voices Within-2020 :: Setu, February 2020

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