Sharmistha Mandal (Voices Within)

Sharmistha Mandal, a young poetess of twenty two, was born on Nov 7, 1997 in Kolkata, Bengal, India. Right now she is the student of Masters in English literature of the University of Calcutta. She is writing for the last three years in English. She has published some poems in several magazines. She is a bilingual writer, writing in both the languages—Bengali, her mother tongue and in English. She writes short stories in Bengali and those were published in some literary magazines in Kolkata.


Our endless search for our soulmate
When our heart becomes splitted
When our blood stops flowing
When all our veins become squeezed.

We are the children of beautiful Moon,
The child of Power and Intelligence
And Courage and Beauty
Even had the power to defeat God.

Zeus’s arrow kept our
Sun and Earth apart.
The perfect ‘us’ became imperfect
 And the imperfect us trying to be perfect.

 Throughout our life we are searching
for the lost part of us,
 Our Soulmate.

By which our choked throats can take deep breath,
 Our dead islands become living
Our bare life becomes covered
 Our caged existence can fly
Alloyed love of us become unalloyed.

Voices Within-2020 :: Setu, February 2020

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