Robert Maddox-Harle (Western Voices 2020)

Exclusive: Western Voices, 2020: Edited by Scott Thomas Outlar
Bio: Robert Maddox-Harle (aka Rob Harle) is a writer, artist, photographer and reviewer. Writing work includes poetry, short fiction stories, academic essays and reviews of scholarly books and papers. His work is published in journals, anthologies, online reviews, books and he has three volumes of his own poetry published – Scratches & Deeper Wounds (1996), Mechanisms of Desire (2012), and Winds of Infinity (2016). Recent poetry has been published in Rupkatha Journal (Kolkata), Nimbin Good Times (Nimbin), Beyond The Rainbow (Nimbin), Numerous specific anthologies, Indo-Australian Anthology of Contemporary Poetry (2013) and World Poetry Year Book (2014), Setu Journal (monthly), Asian Signature (2013). His digital artwork is concerned with the technoMetamorphosis of humanity.

He is currently a member of the: Leonardo Review Panel: Manuscript Reviewer for Leonardo Journal & Journal of Virtual World Research; Member of Editorial Board of numerous international literature journals, and Australian – NZ editor for Setu Journal. Artwork, Publications, Reviews and selected writings are available from his website:

Myth Mongers

The obscenity of mediocrity
cuts across the boredom of melting chocolate,
as delusions of nature's ardent love
contract into an insidious digital invasion,
cool reflections of darkness
strut the moon to space
awareness contracts into frightened frames
in a transformation of whiteness
irreverently as blue cold steel.

Sorrowed leaves fall towards the body
turning angrily into frozen Freudian fragments,
the wall of the dream
prospecting the limitations
confirms the validity of the straight jacket.

The green leaf of minimum focus
tries to obey rules which could not exist,
the catechism fails all credibility
the lies of the liturgy, venomous
separating the skins of despots,
the deceivers myth mongers
who hide behind mantles of passion and deception
their journey one of insecurity and destruction.

Enmeshed with the taste of solipsistic rapture
hysterically we scream for signs
from the uncremated dead rotting with binary toxicity,
veering from lingering toxic visions
ancestral roots are severed by an eclipse
the silhouette of a foreign homeland
guarded by silent sentries controlling cyberspace.

The Opening 

Searching for the illusive entrance
distorted pixels dance in my face,
invisible time-warp portals close
then open to reveal new worlds,
direct dynamic neural labyrinths
editing complex interconnections
harness the energy of data molecules,
they hint at the universal truth
a truth beyond all repressive doctrines,
sinister-like laser beams
bluish, hypnotise me
entangle me
my heart races erratically,
another unchartered time-warp portal opens
drawing me forward seductively,
I enter the Zero-point-field.

Sea Ghosts 
False hopes, empty promises
the screams resonate inside her paintings
weathered by a surgeon’s scalpel,
those penetrating eyes perched atop a scythe
drag her bewildered mind back to her head,
the deceptive spirit of mortality
is a discordant dirge,
twisted strings entangle web-like
as the cracks beneath the White lies explode.

A butcher bird descends, perching lightly
the arms of anguish pulsate
as exotic distant voices echo,
an owl screeches in the brightness
spirits of the slaughtered indigenous chill her eyelids,
the screeching,
the death-cries of the sea ghosts
howl in deep blackness across the rocky foreshore.

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