Mysti S. Milwee (Western Voices 2020)

Exclusive: Western Voices, 2020: Edited by Scott Thomas Outlar
Bio: Mysti S. Milwee is an International and award-winning poet, writer, screenwriter, and synesthesia artist (paints to music), from Southside, AL USA. Her works have appeared in over 1,500 publications, and has been used for academic and ministry programs across the globe. She is the editor of her journal Sequoyah Cherokee River Journal/Blog ( She is the “Poet Laureate” of Fire Eagle Ministries. She serves as an International Art Ambassador, and is the recipient of the 2020 International Artist of the Year, 2020 Global Arts & Humanities Award, and is the recipient of the 2020 Best Screenplay Award (“The Loner”).

Three Hour Seep 

I hear the kettle
but yet my thoughts
linger -
as my mind stirs
and brews another
weeping story of
somber and
picturesque views
through the kitchen
to feel the wisdom
seeping -
into my skin, darkening
from the brew
that filled my lines
of age;
three hours felt like
three years weeping,
filling the cup
with dark secrets,
and darkened rings
to stain my heart
with something
bitter and tart.

Prisms of Thought

Reflections in faces,
you see existence.

Some faces are similar,
equal, and of parallel
rectilinear figures, whose
sides are parallelograms.

Spectrum of light, surfaces
on faces who feel the
moods flowing through
thoughts of transparency.

The voice separates from
white light into color form.

Hues of yellows and blues,
infusion into mind to
parallel the faces
of existence;

dimensional existence.

Transparent voices
shows its faces in

Angled thoughts bounce
into the light,
shaking hands with
heaven and harmony.

Faces glow, effervescently.

Objects in the eyes
speak existence,
premonitions and
prisms of thought.

Shades of Sincerity

Traveling in transparency,
my heart beats fluidly
with reality -
a promise of existence,
pricking my finger
to show blood and faith
that trickles downward;

a journey of existence
and wisdom;

shades solidify in the
green pastures, a foundation
of what life is to me,
what life is built upon,
blessed be;

where the light meets
the shadows of beauty -

honesty, realism and
shades of quality,
a vision in my mind

of where faith begins
and the shadow of fear

where butterflies flutter
and life exists in the air
of my soul -

the equality of sincerity
in my soul feeds the
heavens, where halos glow

effervescently in the
dawn of the morning
            sincerely waving an aura
            of hallelujah into hearts,
            left shaded.

A beacon of hope for humanity

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