Looking beyond COVID-19 and more: Few jottings

Sunil Sharma
The May issue is here!

Despite the ongoing Corona pandemic, a crisis global in its reach and proportions; the ensuing lockdown and popular fear, humankind marches on, undeterred, bravely facing the dangers and carrying on with life, by carefully observing the safety protocols!

We will surely overcome this threat as well.

Hope you are safe and well.

Prayers for the safety of each one of you and the humankind.

Words mean a lot.

They have got their own kinetic energy.

Prayers are words made sacred by a belief system and are known to deliver positive results.

Many lessons---takeaways---have been learnt by the mortals.

Most crucial and recurring---respect for nature, ecology and environment!

At Setu, we invited writers across the world to send us their best poems in both Hindi and English for the initiative: Prose and Poetry Readings in the Time of Pandemic. The idea was to listen to comforting messages of hope and triumph, insights, views, in lyrical and non-lyrical modes.

Happy to share that the response was pretty overwhelming by our esteemed colleagues who made dedicated videos for the open call.

The viewership of the video content increased many folds within the last three weeks.

So far the number of video-readings is 56---and increasing.

We remain grateful to our dear writers for the same.

You can visit the link of the videos elsewhere in this issue to savour some uplifting works in prose and poetry to beat the plague blues.

Soon, these will be available on the Setu You Tube link as well.

Another special section, this month also, is on flash fiction, curated by the eminent American writer Kelli J Gavin. She has selected some fine flashes for you. Flash packs the punch in less than 1,000 words or less, in general. It is challenging medium but popular with writers and readers alike for being a quick read and effective in its impact than the long fiction. The wide-ranging themes, settings and styles confirm the vitality and appeal of this tightly-controlled literary form in evoking mood and subtle message. The featured talents of this annual selection of prose tend to universally bring alive, the different realities of the immediacy and are sheer delight!

Besides that, there are the other regular columns for enjoyment.

Next month marks the fourth year of the monthly production of the bilingual journal with a whopping 14-lakh-plus viewership so far!

A big milestone for us!

The video readings, too, have been a smash hit.

This format also has become favouraite with the new audiences everywhere. It is one of the innovations aimed to engage with the reading community, on a different platform.

We hope you will continue to give us your loving attention in coming months also.

Lastly, thanks to each contributor and our guest editor Kelli J Gavin for the solid support and editorial vision.

Much appreciated!

Take care.

Stay safe.

See you again, next month!

Sunil Sharma,
Editor, Setu (English)
Mumbai Metro Area, Maharashtra (India)

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