Life! - Rameshwer Singh

Rameshwer Singh

- Rameshwer Singh

-1 - 

For me or anyone,
It is till one is.

Before I appear 
Or after I go,
I have no personal feel of its presence.

But Life in universe exists
With or without one.

One feels only if one exists.

No evidence visible 
If I were here or anywhere
In any form
As a part of universe
Before or after my present life!

For me,
Life is as perceived by my conscious.

Consciousness is soul.

Where has it come from
Where shall it go
No evidence and no footprints present.

Uncertainty of unknown,
When one leaves
It brings 
Sadness and pain,
Agony and devastation
For the ones left behind.

Only if
One would be in know of 
That Afterlife shall bring
Bliss of Eternity,
Meet with our beloved departed souls,
It will bring joy and pleasure.

Alighting a train on a particular station
We find
That Destination is beautiful,
Meeting our loving friends and relatives.

I don't know!

Here then what the 
Dilemma or mystery is!

Oh Almighty,
You have made this universe
Micro complicated,
Macro beautiful,
Please unveil
This mystery .

Let us enjoy our journey
Do our work,
Not with fear or scare
But with excitement and enthusiasm
So as to fulfill our duties you have given us.

- 2 -
A sudden change occurs!

My principles have been shaken.
Feathers ruffled,

Feathers of love, 
Togetherness and trust ruffled.

I am advised to have new feathers
To continue my flight 
Through this world.

Advised to have 
Feathers of fear, aloofness and suspect.

I know I can't.
But I have to do, I agree.

Friends they visit
I meet them at a distance
Oh how can I?
I cry.

Every person I meet

I suspect and fear,
I can't.
I cry.

My patients shivering in fear,
I see them with hundreds of clothes on,
My eyes visible through a glass,
I put a hand on their forehead with plastic gloves
Oh how can I?
I cry.

O Almighty,
Let me fly with
My feathers of old school principles,
Consisting of
Love, sympathy and compassion.

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