5th Year of Setu and a soaring spirit

Sunil Sharma
Soaring on,
Meadows, verdant vales and hills, along with
a precious  dream, as a talisman
Spring in the steps,
Heart on the fire
Eyes all lit up

And a song on the half-open lips
to the beyond, the
distant horizons
obscured by the mists,
the region that beckons
Like a retreating love!

(From: Reasons to Fly: Sunil Sharma)

We turned four.
A dream come true and sustained long.
A mood celebratory! The above poem-extract captures that feeling of  unalloyed jubilation!
This June marks the fourth anniversary of the Setu bilingual journal.
It is a milestone.
And a moment of satisfaction.

Of pride in our collective achievements of: running a bilingual journal in Hindi and English every month, delivering consistency and quality; starting guest-edited sections on special themes of social relevance; commencing a no-profit-no-loss publishing house with select titles by some of the reputed authors; recently-launched initiatives of video readings of  poetry and prose during the lockdown by the eminent artists, and then, a second series of videos captioned, Peer Readings and Renditions, inviting authors to do reciprocal renditions of each other’s chosen works, twin series that have proved a smash hit via this innovative feature and attempt at engaging the readers and writers in an ongoing dialogue on life, existence and arts.

And, of course, honouring top literary talents annually, in our own humble way; the giving away of the e-awards of excellence to the talents serving the spiritual domain through their valued works.

In brief, serving the global reading and writing communities and the Muses.

Setu too has evolved into a dedicated---and most important--- a welcoming site that does not create gate- barriers or adopts a snobbish attitude. Over the last 41 months, the mutually-independent journals in terms of their curated content, in both the international languages, have come to represent diversity, democracy, plurality, tolerance and inclusiveness in its joint editorial policies and visions for an egalitarian society.

Your love and support have made this happen in such a short time frame.

Here, a quick Setu-bilingual-resume of the last four years, at a glance:

---760 authors
---96 issues
---79 video readings by eminent authors from across the world and counting
---Top guest-editors from across the world on special topics
---Listed on some reputed professional resources/ literary sites that track literary journals

That is that.

On this joyous occasion, Setu would like to acknowledge its gratitude to the board of editors, guest editors, contributors and readers alike, for their loving and kind patronage.

This month is no different.
Lots of exciting content.

Special edition on “Local”, guest edited by the noted author-academic Jaydeep Sarangi. The cover is designed by the senior editor-artist-poet Robert Maddox-Harle from Australia on this special day.

Again, we appreciate the support by both of them and all the contributors for this edition, general and special.

More open calls will follow soon.
And more innovations.
Take care.
We will overcome.
Stay safe.
Dream big.

Sunil Sharma,

Setu (English)

Mumbai Metro Area,


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