Edit - July 2020

Sunil Sharma
We turned four this June!
And entered the fifth year of monthly production.
A moment of joy.
And we are still in a celebratory mood, despite an overwhelming threat of Corona, and the enduring human will to triumph over odds, howsoever heavy.
There is this underlying belief we shall overcome this existentialist crisis also with collective efforts, safety protocols and solidarity.
We are all one global family---of humans and other interdependent species.
And words help---always---in every walk of life, stage of historical evolution.
Positive words, attitude and mindset are three allied strategies of overcoming the obstacles and staring the impossible in the eyes.
As Hemingway famous declares for and on behalf of the entire humankind, and, this declaration still sounds true and relevant, almost the testament of every culture:

But man is not made for defeat,” he said. “A man can be destroyed but not defeated.
Certain words!

They can prove prophetic. Sum up a basic civilizational trait so succinctly.
They define humanity and its core essence.
Great writers can write such uplifting messages. And thus become our teachers and masters.
The quoted lines keep on resonating powerfully in the ongoing pandemic and are adopted as an anthem by us as well.
A mantra.
In dark times.

At Setu, located as it is in a social world and its myriad problems, we not only try to survive crises but do so with dignity, courage and hope through the careful spread of inspiring art; even otherwise, these are the major tasks of writing and other media, artifacts that rise above the market forces and its clichés, to provide the humankind moral and ethical road maps for further actions.
Art not only heals but shows the path ahead.
For 48 months, we did that only---planting and tending to quality art and propose to do similarly in the coming months also. We shall keep on innovating further and involving as many talents as possible in our bilingual but mutually-independent editions in future also, through many other projects.
All this could happen, to reiterate, due to your best wishes and cooperation only and we are grateful for the same---your precious love.
Hope to get the same kind of patronage in future as well.

This July, Sutanuka Ghosh Roy guest-edits a special section on the Children’s Literature, a niche area so far. A lot needs to be done in this important field. Authors are required with narratives that can prepare young minds to face an adult world and its challenges and disappointments and delights, and, not wizardry and schools that take them on another flight and trajectory into sheer fantasy, in the name of parallel realms and realities. A healthy, objective and ethical narrative tradition and style must be encouraged and cultivated for the wide dispersal and the right preparation of the future citizens of a high-tech world with its own frontiers and outer limits.
The voices curated by Roy are very reassuring and signal such efforts. Hope the dialogue is further taken up by other stakeholders as well for a better literacy culture for the children.
There are other writers in top form. And some established authors and artists as well in the general section.
Our thanks to each one of them and the editors for their solid support.
Enjoy, please, the banquet!

Sunil Sharma,

Editor, Setu (English)
Mumbai Metro Area, Maharashtra (India)

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  1. Excellent write respected editor Sunil ji.Best wishes Setu !


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