Poetry: Neha Bhandarkar

Neha Bhandarkar

She is the face of Global Movement

She is an activist of Climate change

A spark within her changed the angle and
The attitude of the world became finest
She spread positive energy among new generation
She calls for justice
Listen her passionate cry for the sake of climate
When she became baffled
Her inner voice burst out
That raised a question  'How dare you?'

Her powerful words and action started from
'Friday for Future' movement
She knows that not doing anything
To fight the climate means
Our future may be no more

Let's listen the calls of Greta Thunberg
Let's follow her with emotive daring
Let's go green to breathe clean
Let's aspire to inspire
Before life on Earth expire.


I born to be free from
The bubbles in a frozen pond
I wanna wander
Without frame of any bond
I wanna sing a song
I wish to wave a magical wand
I want to be a free bird
To soar high in a dream land
I want to dance freely
Let ooze the infectious energy, to respond

I want to wrap me
In an environment of freeland
I want to be free
To explore the world, beyond

Neha Bhandarkar is trilingual poet. Her 12 books in Marathi, Hindi and English have been published. She is receipant of many prestigious literary awards from India like state Sahitya Akadami and from foreign countries also. Her many poems and stories are being published in many anthologies,  E Zines and magzins in all over the world. Her many poetries have been translated in several languages.

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