Capturing the mood and vibrancy of life: Urban/rural (Rameshwer Singh)

Photo Feature by Rameshwar Singh
Rameshwar Singh
Move on!
Even if it is sunset!

Styles, attitudes and cultures so different and contrasting!
One of them can afford an umbrella matching her clothes---all these announce her class, style and money. Other is so innocent not even knowing if her dupatta is matching her salwar.Even if she knows she can`t help! And, of course, there is no umbrella of whatsoever colour on her head !
Yet resolve to walk free is same for both, one elegant, another, graceful! Just could not hold back from capturing this contrast here:

Little girl asks how safe she is:

It was beautiful:  early-morning moments of soft drizzling rain after heavy showers! Clouds wrapped the whole sky, cold winds cooled body and mind.   Freshness of newly born thoughts swayed trees and hearts alike. Fragrance of wet air made the soul dewy.
Very lucky to imbibe these moments, as we were returning from hospital in early hours of the morning. Empty street with flowing stream of rain-water was elevating experience!

Dark grey clouds cover the whole sky. Mild chilly winds and forest fragrance. Soul sings and heart tinkles. I can feel her presence very near and very close. Yes, she is arriving. 
Oh, the rain!!

If we observe closely, it is all about passionate love:

Railway tracks always say something mystic to me.
A girl steps across tracks, coming back from her school, dreaming new dreams:

We owe tremendous responsibility to coming generation so as to provide them a calm and beautiful world. I think we are not giving them the world they deserve. Beautiful landscapes, green mountains, torrential rains, running rivers, we should  leave these natural resources abundant for them. For the sake of this little girl for the sake of all near and dear ones we love, for the sake of ever existence of life which includes entire flora and fauna, along with oxygenated atmosphere, rivers and grandeur mountains; we owe them a lot:

Onset of Divine Winter:

Oh Rain!

This beautiful butterfly played hide and seek with me before I could click it:

Mesmerizing winter evening:

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