Kabishev Alexander Konstantinovich

One famous person in the past,
Whose plan so wise as century lasts,
Was like a point for kind and love
And heart for people all enough.

He changed the time, he changed mankind.
And even enemies had opined,
That he was greatest top in mind
As well as answers reach and find.

He was like father for us all,
We follow his advice by soul,
The people changed but life his not,
That’s something never we forgot!


Один известный человек,
Что возлюбил минувший век,
Судьбу страны всей изменил
И капли крови не пролил.

Его любили, проклинали, 
Не многие и понимали.
Кто понял – умер, знал – забыл,
Но дух дел тех все не остыл.

Мы можем брать с него пример
И почитать сверх всяких мер.
Он будет вечно жить в мечтах,
Что поселил у нас в сердцах.

Bio: Kabishev Alexander Konstantinovich (K. A. K.) - student, aspiring poet and writer, founder and head of the international creative and cultural project DEMO GOG, editor-in-chief of the student newspaper DEMO GOG. (Saint Petersburg, Russia).

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