Bapu ♡♡

Ipsita Ganguly
I wonder if you were there today , what would you say,
To the progeny that bears the fruit of your life's teachings?
Human Rights was what spurred you to action, and yet, 
I wonder if we have learnt to protect either dignity or humanity...
Civil Disobedience was your way forward 
And yet, today I search for civility...
And Ahimsa, Non Violence is a forgotten code in the land which birthed Buddha and Ashoka
A Nation divided at birth
Hasn't grown up yet, We continue to appease and point fingers, victimise or play victim...
While your concept of Swadeshi or its variant has become one more jazzy catchword
We happily remain a Nation machinated with ease into gullible fallibility 

Bio: Former Hotelier, Business Consultant, Author, Travel Writer, Heritage Enthusiast, Poet...Ipsita Ganguli has worn, and continues to wear many hats...but above all, she has, and will always be a student of the myriad experiences that life holds out. Ipsita writes...because she "must".
Her poems have been published in several national and international e zines and anthologies 
She is also one of the main characters of the poetry film Kolkata Cocktail. 
Her solo compilation of poems” Of Love, Longing and Random Pondering” is available on and in select stores all over the city

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