Short Poems: Ram Krishna Singh

Ram Krishna Singh


The mask of man they paint
with so many fingers as brushes
man’s only colour now

They take away the day’s flower
husk I retain for tomorrow
nobody knows what the robbers may look for

Unable to rise beyond themselves
they worry about their colleagues’ peace
and die of selfless jealousy

Apple, snake and three-fifth of me
in bed manipulates man
inside selfish rubbles

The painted paper-god and Christ on the cross
stand on the dawn-coloured wall of my bedroom
watch sex, prayers and restlessness each night

The colour of night is the same everywhere
what if my identity is not known
let’s f**k the moment and forget the place

If passion breeds beads of sweat 
in winter night the plateau is reached
too much love can run one out

Crushed heads of serpents coil along the road
green glitter of stream strikes my vision
I walk and fear the growing ripples in urinal

It needs less than a drop to procreate
but months and years of readiness to enjoy
sex sustains both life and art

Once your body was the sitar waiting for my touch
the sweet fragrance of your hair still lingers
but the cigarette that was mine is now ash

Locked in the giant Chandragupta
I fly over snow stacked stones
and defy clouds in unseen sun

Civilization hasn’t spared the caves
man suffers in the hands of parasites
here too who work often go without food

The smile you weave splits the sun
I lose my direction in clouds darkening
the white of the lake moon kissed


Here she goes in the long light
and swiftly a shadow moves with her

What if my nights are poisoned by evil spirits
they can’t corrupt my bare truth in one life

The fire broke out to retaliate
they fight with lightning

Where will I reach running with gluey feet on gashed earth
a relentless sun licks leftover of a dying day

Not to kiss my feet they rush 
waves vie with waves to reach the shore

The dance of rain is good for a short 
but the fall of sky is too much

Keep my cracked tongue tightly closed
lest the diseased mind is known

Bio note: Ram Krishna Singh, an Indian English poet, has been writing for about four decades. Professionally, till December 31, 2015, Professor of English at IIT-ISM in Dhanbad, he has published more than 160 research articles, 175 book reviews and 46 books, including Sense and Silence: Collected Poems (2010), New and Selected Poems Tanka and Haiku (2012), You Can’t Scent Me and Other Selected Poems (2016), God Too Awaits Light (2017), Growing Within/Desăvârşire lăuntrică (English/Romanian, 2017), There's No Paradise and Other Selected Poems Tanka & Haiku (2019), and Tainted With Prayers/Contaminado con oraciones (English/Spanish, 2019).  His haiku and tanka have been internationally read and appreciated. web:  ; email:

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