The World Hero

K Pankajam
“Let my countrymen live in harmony and peace
Caste, religion, ups and downs, all cause unrest, my motherland sobs
Peace, a fruit hanging high, liberty and fraternity under threat
Divide and rule, the invaders warped plan; Swaraj my birth-right; I’ll fight for it 
Every inch of my heart throbs for my motherland, 
Oh, Inner Light; Lead me to the path right”, prayed Gandhiji.
In power of positivity you believed, live and let live, your mantra, sacred, 
no injustice or hatred; brotherhood, peace and non-violence you spread,
thro’ fasting and non-cooperation freed India from shackles age-old 
bombs or bullets can’t build brotherhood you believed.
Our tricolour flutters high, we bow before you, Father of the Nation, 
As a global leader your own life is a book of morals. 

Kneeling and bending before you, Godse when pulled the liver thrice
Extinguished was not alone your life, India’s unity too.
Despite pain, you prayed for your assassin to forgive for his sin. 
What more is required to prove the virtuous divinity in you?

Bio: Pankajam Kottarath is a bilingual writer who writes poetry and fiction in English and Malayalam. She has created an enviable space among the well-meaning Indian English Writers, especially women. She has authored 13 books of poetry in English, out of which one has been translated into French, three books of English fiction and five books in Malayalam. She is settled in Chennai now and pursue creative writing. She retired as the Deputy Manager (Finance) from BHEL and is prominent and profound in the world of letters. Her poetry and fiction explore and deal with the significant issues that face, mould and shape up human life for a vibrant movement to fulfil its purpose and realize its meaning. Pankajam’s poems, articles and reviews are often published in the renowned national and international journals and included in anthologies of poems/short stories and books of critical essays and the History of Contemporary Indian English Poetry. She has been decorated with many awards and prizes and presented her poems at various Literary Festivals. The critics and scholars have rapidly recognized her creative writing worthy of further research for studies and a book of critical essays and reviews is being published shortly.

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