Translation Eduard Harents

Poems of Eduard Harents, translated from Armenian by Harout Vartanian

Eduard Harents


The shadow of color
is scaling
the scars of day;
walking the serenity
of an encountered dream…

The flower is the secret
of pain;
an introspective smile.
The scion names the sin.

Beyond personal bandages 
of prayer,
the self-denial of a tree
is as much bright
as warm are the hands
of night.

I am freezing… your name.

I know, I will wake up someday
from the mystical dinner,
will wear my father’s
damaged footsteps
as little pockets
filled with immeasurable love…
Can my days − I wonder −
scale that much unbearable 

Harout Vartanian

We ate poetry,
smoked silence
with a cup of coffee,
we got away from death
chewing colors,
but still we are gazing
at the word…

After so much pious,
loveless nights,
I have no idea from which 
  muscle of time,
but storms are ringing from myself
apparently sweeping away all my
morns, which
remained punched like that
up till now
like the shoes 
of a gold medalist student…

that much rich, so sonorous,
to which gates 
will my evening – one day –

My name
is a stone in God’s dream,
with ornamental carvings
of askew mirrors.
Through the rib bones
  of light
my father’s cataract
is tinkling on my tongue.

Eduard Harents is the most translated Armenian writer of all times. His poems were translated into more than 50 languages. Born in 1981, Eduard Harents, lives in Yerevan, Armenia. He graduated from Yerevan State University, the faculty of Oriental Studies. Harents is an author of 10 poem collections. He has been published in numerous Armenian and foreign periodicals and anthologies. 
The International literary prize «Pjeter Bogdani» (2015, Kosovo), - prize for Poetry-2015. The International literary prize «Dardanica» (2019, Belgium). Panorama Global Award («Panorama International Literature Award 2020», Insus Scrolls Press/Writers Capital International Foundation, India-Italy).
In 2016, his book «The life lives me» was published in Belgium («Jeta jeton më mua»; Bruxelles, “Bogdani” publishing house), and in 2017, his book «Lethargic Vigilance» was published in Spain («Vigilia letárgica»; Barcelona, “Emboscall” publishing house).
In 2014 he participated in the Festivalul de Internaţionale “Nopţile de Poezie de la Curtea de Argeş” (Romania) and in the Festival Internazionale di Poesia di Genova (Italy).

Harout Vartanian, Armenian poet and translator, was born in Aleppo (Syria) in 1973, where he still resides. Attended local Armenian schools (preparatory and secondary) and graduated with a syrian bachalaureate certificate. Received a degree in mechanical engineering from the American University of Beirut. His first poetry book «Triangular Sun» was published in 2001. Active in several literary activities, contributes regularly to literary journals.

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