Poetry: Mitali Chakravarty

Mitali Chakravarty
1. Leaden Wings

Sometimes, you need to throw off leaden wings to fly.
Fly — soar the skies. Reach up to the sun, moon and stars. To the universe. Sometimes you need to throw off leaden wings to fly.

Soar like an eagle, a bird high up in flight where wingtip to wingtip spans the infinite; where auroras have ceased to colour the sky. Where nebulae blink in the deep of night. Where the Great Bear speaks the truth and Orion’s Belt lights the darkness to a white. Sometimes, you throw the leaden wings to fly — not to be like Icarus and die — but detaching the wings fly, fly —

Like the bird that breaks all bounds despite the loud cannon sounds and across to the neighbouring skies. No lines are drawn. The lands can be at war. But the sky borderless lies. Unhindered the clouds float. Where songs soar in strange silent waves. Where silence a sound breaks with the speed of light.

There, there will I fly
in quest of an unbordered 
world. There will I lose
my Soul to velvety, dark notes
of eternal rest. Unbroken sleep.
Sleep. Deep, deep, sleep. 

2. Alive

The demise of hope
a child dies before life unfolds
withers a bud before a rose 

A singing bird soars.

The skies scour for innocence --
soul sallies untainted by race
by colour, by creed, by culture, by need

 Stirrings of life smear sunrise songs.

A new child is born 
dawn dips a brush and repaints 
a future with infinite love, dreams to live

Hope reborn learns to survive in eternity. 


  1. Powerful lines oozing positivity and strength. Impressed and inspired.
    Dr.Piku Chowdhury

  2. "Leaden Wings" is nice and meaningful poem. Absolutely, to fly high in the borderless sky of peace and brotherhood we've to detach futile and burdened wings of grievances, hate and enmity.

    Poem "Alive" is full of gope for the future. The birth of a new hope can make the world colourful.

    The messages delivered by these poems are buoyant and optimistic.


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