Megha Sood: Poetry (Life, Cognition and Creativity)

Megha Sood

Sound of Rain

The sound of rain needs no translation

It's pure and serene,

as it impinges upon the earth

like your fleeting touch on my skin


The pitter-patter of drops

that symphony--

which breeds through nature's and takes you in

every drop holds a universe,

a plethora of memories to bask in


I can get drenched by every falling drop

till the skies cry to their heart's content

as it falls relentlessly on my skin

and washes every sin


This ambrosial experience

this seraphic touch---

A gift from the skies to the earth

with its parched skin

Sounds of rain need no translation

as it slowly seeps in.



Twined and Intertwined

In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks. ---John Muir


Twined and intertwined

broken and branched;

complex and divine

pure as a bliss

a walk through these trails


Serenity which encapsulates you

deafening silence which rejuvenates you

with each turn and twist

reveals that beauty, so sublime


Those streams and the creeks

running through these pulsating veins

Infusing love and serenity

Trees lining up the mountains

curves and accentuates

a beauty so divine


It's complicated

surreal and yet so simple

It hides the beauty

in its plain sight


A truth untold

thorough those gossamer shrubs

in the thinnest of its web

the trail I took,

To find the truth

hidden deep inside.



Pitter Patter

as it drops slowly

seeps into my soul

and make its home

with every word, syllable

I create and morph


as my quill dances on the papyrus

it drenches my soul

leaving behind that petrichor

an effervescence:

an everlasting fragrance

it spreads around

and infuses my

living being


it gives sustenance

to my parched soul

melting and joining those cracked pieces

 making a collage

of my broken self

a beautiful mosaic:

complete and whole


My words blotch and moistened

circles around my pain

and draws the boundary

to contain the pain

where it belongs;


My words dripping from my quill,

imitates the rain in my soul.

Nature: a tourniquet

This hapless wandering

this mindless rambling of thoughts

a terrain of the broken incongruous thoughts:

like a charred house                 its remnants



I skip and run            sprinting

lava flowing under my skin

leaving its footprint

its presence marked by the welts and blisters

this simmering feeling             

that never leaves me


It stays embedded deep inside my soul

I often try to forget

keeping my face

towards the breezy winds of the ocean

that square of denial sits                  tightly

between me and my fears


This too is bludgeoned

by the deaths of thousand sun

solidarity in grief:

raindrops reciprocate the searing truth

petrichor marinates my soul

healing resonates everywhere

Nature keeps me whole.


Pond - A Reflection

First Published in the Cavalcade of Stars


The emptiness and the darkness of my soul

can't be doused with me swallowing

gulping down a fistful of fireflies,

like the burning of the thousand suns

like remorse of the old forgetful memory

now marking its presence on your skin

picking at your scab


The happiness and cheerfulness in my heart

as lively as the morning of a funeral day

there is so much commotion

and so much cacophony

I have always looked at the pond

and amazed by its ability

to camouflage life and death

at its sinking bottom


The ripples that are made by the lively insects

it catches your attention here and there

like the glimmering flight of lights

in my ashen eyes visible for a moment

and then lost again,

and all of a sudden

a frog gulps the dragonfly

resting on the edge of bent weed

mocking the serenity of the pond

and everything goes still again


till the next ripple,

till the next memory.


  1. These are way beyond a simple "wow"! Your work amazes me! Congratulations Megha!😊

    1. Thanks so much Walt for reading my poems and commenting on them I always appreciate your time and support.

  2. Wow! Superb poems dear Megha, each a gem! Especially loved "Twined & Intertwined"!

    1. Thanks so much maam.So glad you liked it.Twined was actually written during a nature walk.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks so much for your kind words of appreciation.


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