A Silent Glory: Painting and Two Poems By Meenakshi Mohan (Life, Cognition and Creativity)

Meenakshi Mohan, A Silent Glory (oil on canvas with pallet knife 24X24)


A Silent Glory


When the earth was numb in a slumbering stupor,

a hushed silence and a tranquil peace pervaded.

The moon in all its splendor

stretched across the heavenly sky,

a lone boat, a witness to this silent glory,

floated in a meditative trance.

A soft breeze danced on a symphonic note.

The ancient songs of the Vedas

echoed through the cosmos

as the waves sang

Om Shivoham, Shivoham, Shivoham.

The world bowed in an unspoken


To the Celestial Majesty


Meenakshi Mohan

My Silence Speaks

In my silence, I hear

the melodies of the leaves

whispers of the breeze

 fluttering songs of butterflies

rhapsodies of rippling ocean waves

and the ragas of wonders

echoing through the mountains.

The world is so full of ecstatic sounds

eternal and sacred

educing peace and harmony.


In my solitude

I admire

the incipient emergence of the sun

from its crimson blanket

and the fading stars

intoxicated, raptured

in it all

 I find myself in eternal peace.


As I mumble


in a meditative stance

it reverberates

in the ionized layers of my surroundings

and wraps me up with




  1. Both your poems and the painting are awesome dear Dr. Meenakshi Mohan! Kudos and respects!

  2. In this time of turmoil, Dr. Mohan's poetry and painting are like balm flowing over us to bring us - at least for a moment - peace for which we are grateful.


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