Vatsala Radhakeesoon: Poetry (Life, Cognition and Creativity)

Vatsala Radhakeesoon
At Dawn

As you play the tune of silence
amidst the first streaks of light
Souls in trance
bask in the solemn sound of cosmic waves
shed their mundane entities
take off the cloaks of “I’ and “Mine”
recognizes your omnipresence 

O Carver of Creation! 
O Absolute Artist!
In the blueness unveiling gradually
In the soft greenness sprinkling coolness
echo your silent whispers daily
of peace
of unity
of renewal
of rebirth
of a new Present
of a better Future 
under your divine tree
of Undying Hope.

At Dusk

When all tired
tattooed by euphoria, blows and bruises
I gasp for air  
strolling by the solitary streams
tunes from your flute diffuse from
my ears to my mind reassuring me
“ From the uncertain day’s song,
   Do not despair
   Hold this silvery light hand
   Walk on the deeper lands-within
    Walk with Me”

O Divine!
In the  sublime sound of water
I often embrace your endless light
As mental tranquility settles in
my life force keeps going 
on golden smoother paths.

The Blue Sky

During the relaxing time
when my eyes laze around
the blue sky’s vast canvas
I can feel God’s outstretched love
cherishing the birds closer to his heart
kissing the elegance of finely designed leaves
showering his blessings 
upon human beings,
quadrupeds, centipedes, millipedes,
flowers, mountains
and the rolling waves of the sea

As the third eye breathes consciousness,
the blue sky sings in my ears
the divine song of selfless love for creation.

Steady Mountain

O vast rocky creation!
Amidst the island’s blueness and greenness
as I meditate by your sight
you cast upon my soul
the steadiness of divine sustenance
the unwavering, un- flickering love 
haloing from the Divine

You teach me
to leave the past behind
“Let it melt, let it melt 
in an extinguished flame
Walk in the Present”
you hum

As I follow your thoughtful steps
within my heart smiles
a new sunny life
a wiser, calmer perception
the bliss of eternal equilibrium.

At the Metro Station

At the metro station of Rose-Hill
as urban life whirls its rush-rush
some summer rain stares at the busy-ness

My drawing pen halts on the sketch pad
Suddenly, numb to all noise
my soul drenches in a trance
Amidst the raindrops I feel your power
to relieve anxious earth
sustain the growth of greenness
and heal my veiled wounds
at the depth of my mind

The ongoing sound of water
transcends the hectic
and at the metro station
I often catch his divine eyes
O Healer, Saviour,
Protector of the whole universe!

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