Parneet Jaggi: Poetry (Voices Within 2021)

Parneet Jaggi is Associate Professor of English in Rajasthan, India. She has five collections of poems in English, two research books and her historical fiction The Call of the Citadel published in 2020 earned great appreciation. Her name appears in the Directory of Writers in America’s famous magazine ‘Poets and Writers’. She was honoured with “Star Ambassador of World Poetry” (2019) and “Master of Creative Impulse” by World Literature India (2020). She was declared ‘Poet of the Year 2019’ by Destinypoets, Yorkshire, UK and won Wingword Poetry Prize (2020) for her Punjabi poem. She is currently Associate Editor of International Journal of Education and English Literature, Montreal, Canada.

 Your dreams

Your dreams swirled through my breath
giving them a life that seemed eternal.
The lemon flavour of the air
purged me of all sick, rusted metallic debris I carried
in the nooks of my existence.

Your dreams took away the bitter
tastes that life keeps giving
in nuts and nutshell-
imparting an impeccable finesse
to my disheveled being.

I became myself-
to see beauty with closed eyes.
I turned to my own voice-
to hear the drums universe plays.

Your dreams shoved the blood in veins
to move with a pace unknown to me,
as the breeze that flows and carries all that embrace it.

The loss of each dream shall cost me a lifetime
You dream and I live,
You stop and I cease.

The Knife

The knife I chop my veggies with
has several edges to stab the victim.
It rips, chips, shreds, tears,
innumerable chunks
like a wild-caught salmon
laid affectionately on a parchment paper
to be steamed and sauted
to get it's omega 3 in a phrenic fashion.
The salmon is gone,
what pervades is the nutrition,
passing over through generations of genes.
The knife of love cuts so.

I Wish

I wish I could tear open
my chromosomes,
and the nucleus within
to check
what capacity they hold
to sin
and be sinned.

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