Rajesh Chowdhury: Poetry (Voices Within 2021)

Rajesh Chowdhury is an academic writer and a bilingual poet, writes in Bengali and English. He was born in 1996 in Bankura, West Bengal. His poems have been published in several journals, anthologies and web magazines like Aulos: An Anthology of Poems, Caravan, Sangshaptak etc. His creative compass includes poetry, micro-story, essay. He has completed his post-graduation in English Literature in 2018 from Bankura University, West Bengal. India. He has been able to publish his research articles in various journal with international repute. His research areas of interest include ‘partition literature’, ‘diaspora literature’, ‘psychoanalysis’ ‘existentialism’, ‘graphic novel’, ‘postcolonialism’, ‘feminism’ etc. Beside writing he likes to spend his leisure hours by painting and gardening.

A Mother's Monologue 

So many days have passed.
Still the light of the moon is
As bright as it used to be.
From the portico you loved to see 
That light of the full moon. 
So many days have passed
Time changed, you changed, 
But I? I couldn't not go with the flow. 
Still in my lap I dream of that fairy tales
That poetry of Tagore you remember?
You promised to be the "Birpurush". 
But couldn't sleep without me although. 
Few more days have left. 
Still in in my sleep I awake and search
Whether you are there or fallen from bed
You know beside my bed I allow no one. 
I still think you will come and sit beside.
In hallucination I see myself,
Lost in some fairy land and
You, standing with a bright sword, 
protecting me.

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