Rajorshi Patranabis: Poetry (Voices Within 2021)

Rajorshi Patranabis is a multilingual poet and translator from Kolkata, India. Food consultant by profession, his poems have been published in many national and international journals and magazines. He has 2 collections of English poems, 1 collection of Bangla poems and 1 book of translation. PREGNANT is his most recently published book of Sonnets.

What are our eyes there for? 

Bugled in breathlessness 
Lips yearned togetherness 
If we can't kiss 
What are our eyes there for? 

Clamped in hegemony 
Hearts smile at the sky
If we can't fly
What are our eyes there for? 

Blared in blasphemy 
Chains wait to be in pieces
If we can't dream
What are our eyes there for? 

Embraces of solace, 
Odour of our whispers
If we can't love,
What are our eyes there for?


Green said
Let there be rains.
I said with dismay, 
Rain floods.

Sky said 
Let there be rains
I said with a grin
Clouds explode.

Love said
Let there be rains
I whispered
Rain instigates lust.

Helter, skelter, love, lust and desires 
Sighed, moaned, I am your monsoon.


Life kisses death, live again to tell
Your kingdom of poetry, my fortress fell.

Harmony of pietra dura
Encrusts on my heart
Stones attain glory
Speechless membrane of words.

Lusty wings flip and fly
Monsoon quips summer frail
Your bloomless summer, my fortress fell.

Kafir specimens royal traces
Proses of past reminders
Present forms eternal ether
Crossroads of material crossovers.

I rest on your bosom, my dream's naughty sail
Love wakes to tread again, my fortress fell.

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