Rupsa Mukherjee: Poetry (Voices Within 2021)

Rupsa Mukherjee is a teacher of English in a government higher secondary school at Kharagpur, West Bengal. As for her career in writing, several of her articles and short stories had been published in The Statesman, an English daily of repute, in India. Three of her poems had been published in the September issue of the prestigious Setu Magazine last year (2020). Besides Nature, human beings in different situations, in various social and cultural dimensions, constitute the subjects of her writing. She also vents her emotions and opinions as regards discrepancies in society and on plights of women in particular. She experiments with conventional metrical forms to recreate complex social issues.

Rain muse strikes in

Beyond fluttering screen
Murky sky concrete,
Garish globe deflates,
Spectrum hues discrete.

Shimmering season’s gone
Apres festive sojourn,
Scanty wayside green 
Lay crestfallen forlorn.

Rain muse creeps into-
EMU-Local window berth,
She’s swept off her feet
With musk of wet earth.

Muse’s pulsating pain,
Purges out in rain.

Shadowy Satis

Satis whereto gone-
Art thou in slumber?
Shadowy Satis on sphere,
The bygones outnumber.

In efforts to surpass,
Family girl or top brass
Whither art thou bound?
Hapless halo’d carcass!

At abode or atelier,
Varying social quagmire,
Often unstaunch’d injuries
Put you in funeral pyre.

Embers sparged in rain!
Now thou should’st refrain.

Apu’s day at the station

Desolate dim lit station,
Pitter-patter splash!
Little Apu trips over
A slimy bin of trash.

Lo; puny platform boys 
Fight for dendrite glue
Not to fix broken toy;
To savour it they queue.

Crippled lay bare and cold,
For bread’s pricey not bane
In crooked awkward way,
Flees this world mundane.

Terminal train whistle blew
Aghast, Apu bade adieu.

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