Rituparna Khan: Poetry (Voices Within 2021)

Rituparna Khan is an Assistant Professor. A geographer by profession and a writer by passion, she is inclined to literature. A few accolades are added to her bag of achievements. Her debut collection of short stories titled "Tales Told and Untold" has been launched in the Kolkata International Book Fair, 2020.


I have accepted my wings to fold in a fan.
To cool my heart, cocooned in my soul.

I have accepted my limbs to coil in a spiral. 
To entangle me in the nook of my being.

I have accepted my eyes to be channeled in blinds.
To unsee the unraveled mysteries.

I have accepted myself to be put in syllabus. 
Of an arrayed life to live rest of my life.

I have accepted the grown up compromise in me.
To leave the evergreen time of audacity.


Will walk through 
shadowy lane,
hand in hand.
A word given.

Shall croon a cry of
a mellow dirge,
in unison.
A word given.

Will die a death of
two bodies in 
one soul.
A word given.

Left her in a daze
of his existence,
untying him off
from her.
A word forsaken.


It is malice, I know.
Still, something is there.
It is indifference, I know.
At least, there is something.
It is void, I know.
Yet, something is there.
It is no love, I know.
However, I am in love with it.
Whatever it is, beloved it is.
If that too is ignored, palm 
of the soul is bestowed with


I do not bleed red.
I do not bleed rather,
bleed any color.
Soul has transcended,
transcended to a twilight zone,
twilight of melancholy.
Bloodless veins have withered,
withered to fallen yellow fronds,
waiting heartlessly.
Abysmal blue has overshadowed,
overshadowed rest of the colors
from my life.
All colors are rendered 

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