Duane Vorhees: Poetry (Western Voices 2021)

Bio: Duane Vorhees, now retired, has published three books of poetry in the last three years: THE MANY LOVES OF DUANE VORHEES, GIFT: GOD RUNS THROUGH EVERY ROOM, and HEAVEN. All three were put out by Hog Press. After spending three years in his native Ohio, he has returned to Thailand.




Life After Life was the climax

for Jesus of Nazareth.

Before revealing his magic

he rehearsed on Lazarus.


He minutely choreographed

the entire three-day event

and timed the showpiece perfectly

to take advantage of Lent.


The spectacle had everything:

pageantry, special effects,

dramatic memorable lines,

and passage from Death to Next!


Of course it played to mixed reviews,

loved or hated by the critics.

Some lauded the instant classic

and others labeled it shtik.





If reincarnation be real

I'll return as someone else,

and if resurrection be true

I'll just come back as myself.


It might be a grand adventure,

fitting out a trim, fleet sloop

christened A New Identity,

sailing to exotic ports.


But there is much to recommend

the familiarity

of a comfortable prospect

from my worn house by the sea.


Life after life may be a lie.

The end may be the end.

Some day would have no tomorrow.

No avatars. No Heaven.





Sex is lacking in creativity,

like math and bad poetry,

but how many figures have been consumed,

how many rhymes entombed,

in its quaint pursuit.

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