Experimental Poetry: That Evening

Shaleen Singh
That evening
When you were sitting before me
I ordered two cups of
Espresso, I found
There was a void between
Us, I found you
Looking on the other side
Of the walls 
When instantly, you asked
What is happiness?
Is it sipping coffee and
Looking towards the 60 watt bulb
With thoughts spilling like
Colour on the canvas of mind
Or is it letting it go
The way it is going on...

I said,
Happiness is
The aroma 
That rises
From your 
silent whispering 
In my loneliness

It is listening to your
Voice in the void
Catching the shadow 
In receding into light

It is sitting before you
Without words
And thoughts...

It were two cups
Lifting and dropping 
To and from the lips
It was an evening
Full of memories
And yet too little 
To express…

Bio: Shaleen Singh has to his credit over four dozen of research papers and two dozens of edited volumes of Poetry and criticism. His illustrious book From Home to House was published from Harper Collins India and his poetry book Proprietary Pains was published from Poets Printery, South Africa. He edits an online magazine http://creativesaplings.in


  1. Beautiful... Happiness is just the company of someone you love. No thoughts and words are necessary... On the contrary it creates obstacles in the silent dialogue...Thanks for sending this beautiful piece.

  2. I believe in the power of words and your poetry often says the words that are hard to speak aloud.you are great at conveying things literally....Loved every single bit of it. Very well expressed.


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