Hindi Poetry by Subash Rai

Subash Rai
Original Hindi: Subash Rai 
Translation: Santhosh Alex
Subhash Rai: Born in Badagaon. Took part in the strikes during the emergency period and was jailed. Published one poetry collection “Saleeb par sach.” and one essay collection “Jag machande jag.” Edited the hindi journal “Samakaleen Sarokar” for an year. Currently working as the Chief Editor of Jansandesh Times published from Lucknow. Awarded the Nayi Dhara Rachna Samman and Mati Ratan Samman.


Sometimes one needs
to go backwards
to move forward.

In the blind run towards progress
crushing the flowers and the butterflies
trampling the opportunities of life
they reached far ahead.

They were so fast that 
they did not understand
that they had left behind
the way in which they had to move head.

Who’s the hunter?
They were hungry 
They only wanted to be alive
The wish to be alive is not an offence
When they did not have 
anything left to eat
they headed towards the village. 

They were killed on the way
They were not killed, 
They were the victims of some insanity
Their kids, many generations
and a little of the county 
too became victim. 

Everybody one knows
about the hunter 
usually, the hunger gets away.

On the road
All of a sudden
They locked the city
Thousands of people came on to the road
They were stopped again and again 
They more they were stopped
The more number came on the roads.
The world was amazed 
Seeing the innumerable legs marching 
on to the same direction. 
Few were killed on the way
The bread scattered on the railway line
Like Shattered dreams
The more number of deaths 
The obstinacy to live gathered momentum. 

Those who are on the road
One day they would realise 
that road is a possibility 
they would understand that 
the road reaches the village
facing all obstacles.
Similarly the road can reach to the parliament.

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