Women Poetry: Alicja Maria Kuberska, Poland

Exclusive: Women Poetry: Edited by Padmaja Iyengar-Paddy
Alicja Maria Kuberska

Goodbye our golden-winged sister.

You died unprotected in your sleep. 
There is a stone dream in your eyes 
And a frozen grimace of pain on your lips.

The sickle cut the thread of your life.
You were like a stalk and he mutilated you. 
Sorry my dear - we didn't avenge you. 

The murderer disappeared unnoticed. 
He hid in fluffy clouds 
And behind the rays of the sun. 

Wish you could see 
How calm the ocean is today. 
Despair lasts in the silence of the depths.


You have the right to feel fatigued 
when the evening paints the shadows
 under your tired eyes.

Do not close your regret in silence
 - or it will explode like a volcano 
and destroy your seemingly safe world. 

Let nobody tell you to smile.
Sadness and bitterness are natural.
They sculpt your face as does your joy. 

You are a woman - not a doll 
with painted happiness on its face 
and an emotionless gaze.

Alicja Maria Kuberska is a Polish poetess, novelist, journalist and editor. She has received several distinctions and awards notably distinction (2014) and medal (2015) in the Nosside Poetry Competition (Italy), Statuette in Lithuania (2015), Medal of European Academy Science, Arts and Letters in France (2018)), and Award of Cultural Festival International “Tra le parole e l’ infinito” Italy (2018). She was also twice nominated for the Pushcart Prize (USA).
Alicja Kuberska is a member of the Polish Writers Associations in Warsaw (Poland) , E- literaci (Poland) and IWA Bogdani, (Albania). She is a Member of the Board of Directors of Soflay Literature Foundation (Pakistan), Our Poetry Archive (India), Polish Ambassador of Culture of The Inner Child Press (the USA) and on the Editorial Advisory Board of Sahitya Anand (India) and IPA Editorial (India).

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