Women Poetry: Dr. Margaret Saine, USA

Exclusive: Women Poetry: Edited by Padmaja Iyengar-Paddy
Margaret Saine

Medusa was a nymph
with a formidable voice
They drowned her
like they drugged Pythia 
silenced Cassandra
sacrificed Iphigenia
killed Niobe and Medea
and let Penelope
wither at the distaff

Life was not is not
pure pleasure for women
their blood relevant only
for a brief moment
when she gives birth

Medusa’s voice
still sings us to sleep
in these dangerous times


Rose red dahlia red carnation
fuchsia poppy petunia
salvia tulip cosmos
hollyhock penstemon 
and red on red geranium
these are my sisters

Roots firmly planted 
drinking sun
shining water
stretching moon
fibers night and day
eons of breath
onslaught by noxious
bugs slugs thugs
from bud to wilt

Lifted through
the passages of life
from bud to seed to fruit
Subject to
the passage of time

Dr. Margaret Saine was born in Germany and lives in California. She has taught French and Hispanic literatures and writes in five languages, also translating other poets between them. Her books of poetry in English are “Bodyscapes,” “Words of Art,” “Lit Angels,” “Gardens of the Earth” and “A Book of Travel.” Saine has also published four poetry books and a childhood memoir in Germany. In 2021, a book of poems in French and in Spanish are being published in Montreal and Madrid. She has written over 5000 haiku and has several manuscripts in English, Italian, French and Spanish ready for publication.

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