Women Poetry: Dr. Ketaki Datta, India

Exclusive: Women Poetry: Edited by Padmaja Iyengar-Paddy
Ketaki Datta
THE PRESENT-DAY MEDUSA                                                         

The lady was flogged by her husband,
No toadying could she do for a shelter,
She was about to slam the door behind 
And leave the house for a place, better!

She touched her head and found
All her hairs got matted to 
 look like snakes,
She walked down a neon-dazzled road
Feeling herself dejected, desperate,
losing all stakes.

From the other end
 A cab came rushing,
The honk of the cab
Sounded ear-shattering!
She was thrown aside,
She was killed as she was mortal
The cabman looked like Perseus,
Cops came but he was noncommittal.
Cops left with her corpse
None was there to claim it
The dead threw a stern look and
He turned into a stone, utterly petrified!

Athena was about to be humiliated 
But she had the ‘dead’ in her cellphone,
And none could touch a hair on her head
Medusa’s head would save her anon!

MISTRESS OF KARATE, KUNG-FU                          

I am a Gorgon, though mortal
I have immense strength, 
Both physical and mental.
Last night my slayer came  
To behead me,
But I am a modern dame,
Harming me is not easy!  

I threw my legs into the air,
Circled them, kicked him hard,
He fell on the floor of my lair—
I am not a dame, but a leopard!
A she-leopard in human form,
Men may be my friends, 
abiding by all norm.   

They call me a Medusa with a stern look
They fear they would turn into stones,
at yonder nook!
They think I harbour snakes on my head,
But I have tufts of curly hair, instead.
They tried to kill me but failed, 
I have mastered karate, kung-fu,
And am in good stead.

Dr. Ketaki Datta is an Associate Professor of English with Bidhannagar College, Kolkata. Apart from a slew of academic writings, she has two novels, “A Bird Alone” and “One Year for Mourning” to her credit. She has two collections of poems, “Across the Blue Horizon” [ U.K.], and “Urban Reflections: A Dialogue Between Photography and Poetry”, coauthored with Prof. Wilfried Raussert [Germany]. She has two translated novels. She is a lyricist too. She was conferred upon the title “Professional Woman of the Year” in 2005 by American Biographical Society, North Carolina, USA.

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