Fiction: Subhash Chandra

Subhash Chandra

Miss Him

At the starting point, Rithala, vacant seats in the Metro are aplenty.
But today also, he hurried to grab the seat alongside me. 
However, he never crept close, nor did he ever seize an opportunity to sneakily touch me, like most males. 
“You know what?” once he spoke abruptly.
“I wish I had been born a girl.”
He was a handsome young man!
On a Sunday, we’re at a Mall, buying specs for my mother.
A sharp scream! A body hurtles down from the seventh floor, arms spread-out like wings, hands clutching at the air.  
On Monday, a sleazoid sits next to me.

Two Bungalows, Four Cars

Affluence has eerie side effects!

The nouveau riche neighbours in NOIDA owned an SUV and a small car each. The Anejas and the Babbars had frequent fierce fights over parking in which their wives joined them. Filthy language was exchanged despite the women’s presence.

One day, the impulsive Aneja emptied his revolver into Babbar and his wife.
After an hour when the Babbars’ spoilt son woke up from his drug-induced slumber, he slashed the killers to death.

The bungalows and the cars have no buyers.Sounds of brawls, gunshots, and wailing are heard around midnight from inside the haunted bungalows.

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  1. 'Miss Him' is interesting - the oxymoron explains itself in 'I should have been a girl Two Bungalows' in its taut style reveals a chilling reality of modern life. Altogether, the two micro-fiction pieces are good snapshots of life in metros today..


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