Poetry: L S Rathore

L S Rathore

Maenad Memories


Fondly I strove to rein memories in

Believing they’ve a rhythmic pattern

But consigned for long to oblivion,

They shifted hues like a chameleon

Striking like a dragon’s tail,

Leaving devastation in their trail.


Though unruly, they brook no order

Just crave soothing touch and loving nurture,

Fallible and ever in a flux,

They may be yoked to our purpose

Infuriated, they turn into Furies deadly

Exacting their pound of flesh furiously

Fused with fantasy, they work wonders

Moistening the soil which creative flower engenders.




Caravan of Memories


Ever since you bid good-bye

Without casting a lingering eye,

I have ever waited

With bated breath

For your softening look

With the power to hook.

Then your velvet memories began to trickle

Making the skein of shared moments unravel,

Flooding me like a deluge,

Making me more of a recluse,

Flickering tantalizingly,

Suddenly changed tack

Perhaps for a break.


Swooping down they lashed my heart

Radiating all around,

Those which had turned blancher

Regained vim, glow and colour,

Returning with a vengeance,

Staging a veritable resurgence,

They drenched me again in dew

Draping over me a vesture new

Not invading like locusts

Which devour whatever they can

But like frolicking fire-flies


Which dark rights illumine.

As John the Baptist survived on locusts and honey,

Your memories nourish me emotionally

In the midst of spiritual wilderness

Soaking in and diffusing grace.



L S Rathore is a critic, Professor and the author of Romance over Coffee, The Delphic Musings & Eagle’s Coin.

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  1. The poems of Prof LS Rathore are nostalgic and reverberate with emotional hues of various types. He has a keen eye for details and apt images to drive home the ideas.


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