Poetry: Tajmim Eti

Tajmim Eti
Welcoming New

So, Here is the End

And I have my moments

I have learned something

Few failures but No regrets

Life is beautiful

And I am ready to extend

New time, New life, New monuments

Welcome All

Let’s enjoy life till it ends…


No Worry

I made mistakes

And they made me.

No regrets, No worries

Life is short

Enjoy and Be happy.



Blissful Pain

Life is pain.

Let’s live it

Until it kills and leave you.

It won’t last

Trust me!

You will be free forever.

Just a little pain

Then you won’t remember,

Little journey ends in pain

When a new life awaiting to begin…




Something comes to me

When I start writing

Which I don’t remember when I try to write later on

I wonder why it is not meant to stay for long.




My Love, My Heart

I know you won’t here my word

But I have taken a decision

To leave you without any permission

Stay with The thing you love the most

I can’t tolerate it anymore

Don’t miss me

I’ll never be back at your door.




My midnight thoughts never leave me alone

It keeps coming though I want to sleep on my pillow

Hitting my mind with rhyming lines

Forcing me to get up in the middle of the night

Writing those thoughts on a paper wall

It made me to respond to some divine call …


Tazmim Hossain Eti (Preferably Tajmim Eti) is an undergrad student in Bangladesh. She is a student of literature. She is an aspiring filmmaker, writer and storyteller. Through her stories, she tries to capture, enjoy and celebrate life. Apart from this, she is a hardware businessperson, probably the first woman in this sector.

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