Poetry: Sigma Sathish

Sigma Sathish



You know, 

After the unfathomable 

 Journey into oneself,

I understood

there is a big hollowness

between abstract and real.

When unforgettable fancies

take us

to unpaved realities of big life 

We delved into

unfamiliar world of mind.


In the ocean of togetherness 

I screamed

and merged myself into your tale.

I had saved, 

my silence 

before I swam into you. 

Hateful thoughts left me.

In this time of uncertainty 

I gathered,

 rambling stories and poems,

to make you comfortable.


You played the voice 

of uncertainty,

And I explored the voice of creativity,

in my consciousness.

With all delusions

a new road opened ,

But there is a big void

between You and me...


Sigma Sathish is a widely published Indian poet in various national and international arenas, Dr Sigma is a former faculty of English at SCT, under Ministry Of Manpower, Oman and presently Hod of English at VTMNSS college, in Trivandrum. She authored four poetry books, edited one, co authored one and co edited two. Her latest book "World at Large - Haiku poems" is published by Kerala State Balasahithya Institute. She received 'Mirabhai Literary award' from Organization of united working Journalist forum supported by Public Relations Department, Puri, Govt of Odisha on National Press day 2016. She is the recipient of Cochin Literary fest prize 2019. She is a poet delegate in several prestigious National and International Poetry festivals.

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