Collaborations: Visuals and Text Interface

Visual: Gopal Lahiri, Text: Sunil Sharma

The Call of the Mountain

The call rings out loud in
The solitude of a suburban 
Home. During the
Raging pandemic, the
Mountain wrapped in
Cool blue,
Like a long lost friend
Standing the other side
Of the shimmering lake.
Electric blue,
Like a long lost friend
Standing the other side
Of the shimmering lake,
Waving silently, hopefully.


Another world awaits the 
Traveler here. 
A pathway to bliss and
It is where God’s other
Children live, away from the
Civilization, predatory!
Come and immerse yourself
In the tranquility but
Come as a photographer, not
As a hunter or
Poacher. Let them
Live as designed by
Nature, not as dictated by
An insatiable greed for the
Super profits.


You are a thing of 
Beauty, rose!
Fascinating humankind
For centuries
With colours, textures
And fragrance, carefully
Evolved over time.

You continue to be a source
Of pure sensuous
Conveying this subtle message:
Should not humans create
Beauty rather than
Not discord?
Patterns intricate, aesthetic
Rather than things destructive
Decisive for vote-bank politics?

Be a rose!

Give delight in every situation.
Comfort the distressed and
Spread fragrance and beauty
Everywhere, despite living
On thorns and being fragile!

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