Poetry: Sarah Rauch

Sarah Rauch
there’s nothing more to work on

as she let go

like the cave, left by the calving

of the eastern iceberg

while she faced west

no job is done, no work fulfilled

no slap brush hands

announcing there, there, there, that’s all


for every measure

depends on turn of breath alongside

turning earth, our stars, our tides and night

while she lies waiting

after the long span shift of dreams

the clammy sheets, July

the highway with its toil and blisters

the job, never done


and so let go

she gathers in

as rain decides

to fall

large morning drops

upon the dry of yesterday

relief, the iceberg south

leaving inner angles, smooth blue green.



Sarah Rauch practices law in Vancouver and was formerly a groundskeeper. Her writing spans from longer sequences and prose, to short poems. Sherecently received an MFA in poetry from Pacific University, is a graduate of the SFU Writer’s Studio, and the Banff Center for Arts and Creativity.

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