Anandita Guleria: Figures of Thought: Collegiate Voices across Spaces


~"Too late, the ship has sailed"
•"Oh that sounds, great!"
.... presents an art

•"Any improvements 
You suggest? Or
Any flaws that you'd want to correct?" 

~"No canvas of one painter should be touched by another."

•"I allow, 
for I trust this artist
And trust undying..
Artist indifferent, 
yet of my own kind."

Never mind!
How is the idea coming along?"

Attention please!
Miss is garrulous 
While Chief, a one liner
// Mic Drop! //


The moment I saw him today 
I wanted to embrace him

My brains my heart my body 
weren't mine Anymore
At his one glimpse
Through the dusky curtains 
a location known yet unknown

I had never felt this way for him before
only recall 
To have Always 
Yes always 
lost a track of time 
in a sip of wine
Around him

But never 
an urge to fold my arms
Which no more mine
Ahh! not mine

I cannot draw time 
and trace this
wring involvement 

His mere presence 
peaked my oxytocin's
My gushing 
and blushing front on

Tough Oh! So Tough!
Couldn't keep any long
even the shining yellow 
Blonde paved the way

A frost evening 
To my worse

Forgot the worldly world
Made a pass

He is an old school lover
No calls, no texts 
or even letters

Indicates firm he'll wait
At a spot no other

I risk to trust
And trust so stiff

// That Deodar tree, 
Up the terrain 
Beholds and awaits,
even today and
In fact everyday. //

Author's Bio: Anandita Guleria is a first year undergraduate pursuing studies of Administration and Society at MCM DAV College for Women, Sector 36, Chandigarh. She hails from a small town, Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh. She is intimately drawn to nature and loves weaving words.

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  1. pragmatic flight of imagination. superb control on words and expressions.


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