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Sunlight crawls into my room like

A “hope” to a hopeless 
An “expectation” which was never expected of
A “wish” that was never wished for
A ”dream” which was no less than a mare of night
It crawls in like …
A “peace” in an orchestra
 A “bliss” in the world of Chaos
A “relief” in the world of disbelief
An “assurance” in the era of heartbreaks
Sunshine, in my life, crawls in like
A ”friend” who was more of a fiend
An “admirer” ,whose admiration, itself is enough to pierce me
A “flatterer” who attempts to fail me
It knocks my door like
A “star” gazing even in a day
A “spring” knocking in all muddy days
A “light” in the darkening days
A “wisdom” in a hellish pace
The sunshine crawls in my room at a slow pace
Yet I am waiting with an unquenchable gaze
Because, after all, Life is all about a “race” !

Read me like a book which

Can’t be decoded easily
Read me like that book which
Can’t be narrated easily.
Read me like that book which
Can’t be described easily
I am an artist
I am a painter
I am a developer
I am a creator
Read me like that book which
Does not have a problem, but solutions, for SURE
Read me like that book
Which won’t flummox you, but comfort you
Read me like that book which
Won’t discourage you but always acknowledge you
It would never hurt you, nor would it curse you
It would just pave your way
This book might sound very explicit at times ,but never is it impulsive
It would not criticize you but mend you.
It would not hurt you, but stop you from hurting yourself!
It would not manipulate you, but would push you to the precipice of bliss
This book won’t love you or hate you
Neither would it disparage or ruin you
Rather it would shape you
The edition isn’t accompanied with the “re” ,the publication isn’t judged by the “year”
This book is immortal in its spread of goodness
You might not find this book 
Not because it’s availability is out of stock but definitely because it’s print is limited
Demand isn’t less, Urge to grab is nil
Thirst to find bliss isn’t dead but laziness for that unquenchable gaze is!
Goodness within you isn’t a corpse, just drowsiness prevails still
Bad is no one ,
Ominous is none.
Just goodness is yet to be found,
Happiness is yet to be discovered
That book, yes, that book, is yet to be ordered
Online or offline is your choice
Sooner or later is your desire.
Burning the unread pages isn’t your right
If not read it, please don’t count the ashes
Because this book craves for your love, not for your pity!

Author's Bio: Ananya Pahari has been fascinated by all sorts of creative intelligence. Her passion for literature enhanced her love for subjects like English , Hindi and Spanish . She succeeded in scoring a first class degree in her graduation and is presently pursuing Post-Graduation In English Language And Literature from the University of Calcutta.


  1. utterly excruciating narrative. marvellous in approach and mesmerizing in effect.

  2. Wonderful Ananya. I am longing for some more masterpieces from you.

  3. Wonderful Ananya. I am longing for some more masterpieces from you.


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