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Find my ways

I have to find my ways;
To deal with my insane head
And handle my situations
That stings like a scorpion.

I have to let go of my ways;
To deal with my dying health;
I just want to live a happy life
And let go of my worthless mind.

I have to hide my ways
To show them I’m not insane
It’s just my ways are different.
And it’s too troublesome to handle.

I am just a depressed soul
That needs someone to handle
And accompany me through my lonely days
That will warm and play with me in my darkest days.

I am wild like a Lion
Not a king but a Queen of my own garden of lilies.
Sitting on my throne, with my imaginary crown
That’s filled with my worthless thoughts.

To Wear or Not to Wear

Sleeping on my moist bed, I lie like a dead body
Earnestly waiting to be saved by somebody,
To run away boldly,
And leave this awful place behind happily.
I don’t know where it went wrong,
Was it when these ‘sane’ people showed up ‘insane’ with their new ‘shiny cup’?
Was it when the world suddenly decided to run?
Or was it when the first humans decided to eat the fruit of wisdom?
The ‘wisdom’ that we got from them, is now useless
As we still cannot crack the antidote.
Now here we are wearing a piece of cloth to save ourselves
From the ‘sane-made’ air which will make us sleep peacefully.
Can this piece of cloth save us from the deadly virus?
The ‘insane’ are now in an unending loop, as to wear or not to wear.
The insane who wore the ‘life saving mask’ is lying on the peaceful ground,
The insane who didn’t wear this ‘life saving mask’ is also lying on the peaceful ground:
Now the question to wear or not to wear lies on us, ‘The Endangered Humans’.
And here I am questioning myself if being alive is a torture or a blessing?
I see the world around us filled with hatred.
Oh Lord! I just want to live happily and peacefully with my love ones’
But now, here I am dancing ‘my last dance’ with my beloved with a river flowing through my eyes.
I pray to God with a heavy heart to save me from this tragedy.
However, I am still here constantly fighting and questioning myself,
“To wear or not to wear” this ‘life saving mask’.

Author's Bio: Babita Daimary is doing her post-graduation in English Literature in Assam Don Bosco University, Assam, having graduated from Auxilium College, Udalguri, Assam. She belongs to the Bodo Tribe, a minority living in North East India and has always been interested and passionate in writing and expressing herself through poems as a way of releasing her frustrations, feelings and thoughts.

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