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The Poisoned Heart 

What it would feel like to taste our own medicine,
Instead of putting on an act of being genuine.
Deceived by the Moon for the light,
Only left to see our own plight.

Following the fireflies can only lead to deception,
Like your actions, are beyond any conception.
Poison is slow to flow and reach the heart,
But once affected, can’t be outsmart.

This, even the strongest man can’t avoid,
As he is too weak to fight his inner void.
Even time doesn’t have effect on poison,
Only the heart knows that it is trapped in prison.

Even after so many passing seasons,
The heart feels gloomy for no reason.
Even the witnesses of persistence,
Can’t make out the reason for existence.

The wound is not on the flesh, but in the heart,
Indeed it is a poisonous dart.
Which Spreads the poisonous venom,
Making us helpless and numb.


We are all in the road of infinity,
Ah! But no journey can lead to divinity.
Life is the one who plays with our fate,
With every mistake, gives a second chance, just need a little faith.

With every blink of an eye,the time passes by,
But wait, there is no such thing as a final goodbye.
End of distress doesn’t mean, it promises peace,
Need to pull ourselves together,but still be in ease.

There is a need of warriors who don’t compromise with their ideals and face every fear,
Man with honesty and dignity always find presence of God near.
One must speak wisely, as our words are like a sword,
It can wore out a heart or can serve as a reward.

Likewise, our will is a shield which makes us headstrong,
Help us to fight with sincerity and stand victorious for long.
Our battle is not with the world, but is with oneself,
To be more than a unread book kept in a dusty shelf.

Author's Bio:  Kanchan Jasmine Xalxo is a young graduate of St. Xavier’s College, Ranchi and presently pursuing her masters in English literature from the same college. She was born and raised in a small city of Ranchi in a state situated in the lap of nature, Jharkhand, India. She likes to spend her time writing, drawing or gardening. She loves poetry and is also a fitness enthusiast. She was a state level powerlifter, though she left it when she joined for her post-graduation. Through her poems she wants to present an outlook on juvenescence, the changing human emotions and understanding.

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