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A day I will be old,
No charm and no more bold,
Only a stick and medicines for health,
Children care but only for my wealth.

Grandchildren are their friend,
Who wait for the journey to end,
Firmly believing in existence of God,
Family members treat them odd.

Like a little homeless child,
Getting pity, loosing pride,
Sniffles in silence of breath,
Unaware of being knocked by death.

Death ends a life or pain?
Knows who suffered in vain.

Not a Lover

Every story is not sad,
But the pains always add,
Baby plant or a rotten fruit,
Are all parts of the same root.

Hating is on someone’s part,
Reasons for us to be apart,
Days and nights of tears,
Oh! What a fake mask he wears.

Living the same death everyday,
No one knows what to pray,
Same the people and same the life,
Pinch me like tip of the knife.

Love is for today but humanity forever,
So die a great man, not a lover.

Author's Bio:  Kaushiki Singh is a nature lover from Lucknow University who finds an escape from the hush and rush of life in poetry. She loves to read literary works from new and different perspectives and writes poems to express her inner self.

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