Monami Chatterjee: Figures of Thought: Collegiate Voices across Spaces

The Void

Days go by-
Like dead leaves.
Carried away by a restless river
The ticking of the clock
Fades somewhere in the distance
The world around me falls in a slumber.
Days run too fast.
And suddenly-
The mellow morning sun,
Seems unbearable
Sunsets are no longer beautiful.
Loneliness fills in,
The gaps of my bookshelf
I drink glasses of drowsiness,
As the void within keeps growing
Words are uttered, meaninglessly.
And the void starts to fill me up.
Idleness accompanies me
And the void starts to fill me up.
The void envelops my world-
And brings in the final closure

The Sky

Have you ever fallen in love-?
With the sky
A colorless sky,
With broken clouds-
Temporarily occupying its heart
A cloud-capped sky,
Pouring down rain-
And telling stories of the distant lands
A sky storing mysteries in it,
A silver lining-
Radiating from its parched soul
A sky with a dazzling rainbow-
Narrating tales,
Of life,
Of love
A tired evening sky,
Wrapped in a lilac overcoat,
Smelling of rustic nostalgia
A night sky,
All lonely
With only one ageing star,
Waiting for a new dawn
A new day
A new hope
A sky that belongs to you
A sky that will stay,
And teach you,
To let go-
Of the ones,
Who have already departed?
And the ones who will,
Eventually leave.
Have you ever fallen in love?
With the sky-
That taught you to live?

Author's Bio:  Monami Chatterjee is an undergraduate student of Literature at Loreto College, University of Calcutta. She is an amateur poet who has been practicing the art of poetry writing since the past two years. She has earlier written for her college magazine and is the editor of a yearly poetry magazine published by her college. Currently based in Kolkata, Monami wishes to travel the world and gather new experiences that can fill up the pages of her diary. She draws inspiration from Modern poets like T.S. Eliot and finds the subject matter of poetry within the mundane city life.


  1. The second poem is veryyyy veryy beautiful!!!!

  2. Amazing poems by an undergrad. she has a long way to go and compose something close to Meghaduat the traces of which can be seen in the second poem. good luck and best wishes.


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