Monobina Nath: Figures of Thought: Collegiate Voices across Spaces

A Cup of Hot Coffee   

Oh Mellow!
Are you sleeping?
It's our coffee time,
To recall our warm time.
Didn't you remember 
The cups of-
Caramel macchiato, 
Espresso with sweet and 
Creamy whipped cream. 
I- who noted every sip, as days
We passed together and 
We sit; 
We rolled all the 
Yellow and pink sugar candies
Under our tongues, and
Drink and enjoy the last sip
In our mugs. 
Now, we grew up a lot,
Situation changed a lot.
Neither you nor I, sit beside. 
The catnap reminds us 
Like an alien alarm,
We all need a cup of hot coffee.
We are cold.

Honour in A Doll's House  
(Inspired by Henrik Isben's play "A Doll's House")

“But no man would sacrifice his 
honour for the one he loves."
Men are the gifts of 
God's miracle,
And women are sent
To serve them.
The world of make- believe 
Handicapped them, that
No honour has left to support
Their lives. They sacrifice and
Then sacrificed as their bones are sold,
As a mother and wife. 
We are human beings too
But no one wants
To educate us.
"Why? Didn't I talk like a doll- child?".
The answers aren't in 'men's bookshelves',
We have to educate 'ourselves'. 
We aren’t a doll- wife 
Of your household anymore,
"It is a thing hundreds of thousands 
of women have done".

Author's Bio:  Monobina Nath is an English honours student in Brahmanada Keshab Chandra College, Kolkata, India. Her work has appeared in Chrysanthemum, Ode to a Poetess , Poetry Nation, StoryMirror, TechTouch Talk, Meghalaya Times and Indian Periodical. Her poems were also selected for the National Bilingual Poetry Competition in 2021.

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