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Sometimes I Wonder… Why?

Sometimes, I wonder
What can a man offer to a woman?

Is it the care that she wants,
Or the photos framed on walls in pair,

Is it the food that she eats,
Well, she can manage all these better than a man
And her own livelihood,

Is it the security that she needs,
Well, sometimes men are the worst beasts indeed.

Is it the obvious need for sexuality,
Well, then man have to evolve a lot with their dsirability.

Is it the craving for love that she needs,
Well, woman is the most capable being for the love she gives.

Is it the materialistic gifts she desires,
Well, history has proved men having more materialistic fire.

Is it a father of her child she needs,
Well, mothers are seen as better parents than men indeed.

Is it the emotional support that she needs,
Well, emotions are better nourished by women indeed.

Man is the most vulnerable being there is,
God has left him with nothing than mere deeds,

Men have to evolve in their awareness as a living being,
To equate with womens' ability and
The power to give.....


Lady with a constant sword of sorrows
thrives upon manifestation of calmness.
Thoughts like feather in the air
cant see the rings of smoke through the fire.

Dear lady, all the demons eyed upon your back
Their spirit cries for your soul.
Demonic witchcraft with a stick of desire!!!
All of my thoughts are misgiven.

Duality will show you the feet turned backward
With the whispering echoes of feminine laughter.
Multiple hells will emerge out of single shadow
cause forked roads have sometimes single destination.

Craving for gruesome beauty turned red and blue?
Darkness will lit the flare on the west.
Horizon will always seek the inhumanness in you
With the dusky mystic beauty on the screen.

Crucifying the butterflies for their desire
West will always blur your stairway...
As the chariot passes through underworld
you always have the choice to buy a ticket to heaven!

Author's Bio:  Shivam Kumar is currently pursuing a post-graduation in Linguistics from Jawaharlal Nehru University. He is an actor, screenplay writer, playwright, director and art director who also loves to express himself through poetry. He has worked in a few plays and movies and looks forward to find a language specifically for cinema by freeing it of its dependence on other art forms.

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