Shailja Chaurasia: Figures of Thought: Collegiate Voices across Spaces

Flaws are Beautiful

It’s alright if sometimes 
My fish aren’t sold,
It’s alright if the 
Baits don’t work,
It’s fine if my boat stumbles,
I know it will all be perfect someday.

The stars don’t allure me.
I’m contented with my little cods,  
Because,at least they are not 
Endeared to brevity,
Like the pompous things of the world.

The flaws and imperfections
Are all that matter,
They make the life 
Even more enchanting
And helps one to overcome despair
As well as the futile longings.

When Rains Escort Nostalgia

I can hear them all whispering to me
The rhythmic thunderclaps,
Or the jocund trees, maybe
High and lows of water diadems and wind,
They escort me down the memories 
Where I met the happiest of me 
An August afternoon and a amethyst air,
It was the best that sky could ever be
I let the sky soak my hair 
And take me up, along and within it at the same time
My locks and zephyr did a tango
And I did the same with an offbeat flair

Next in the descending timeline, recoiled,
A day when kids crowded the puddled byway,
Ushering me towards the childhood revived
The cheers and oblivious chuckles,
Hoping into the wagon of hopes,
The rain drenched the garbs; the innocence survived.

At another dimming dusk, I recall,
A wall of frail bougainvillea down from the balcony,
Burdened with water and by care of creatures below that crawl,
It scattered its orangish pink amidst the winter mist,
Enthralling the passersby, though in cursory,
Beings that talk as well as the birds that call.

And yet the most amusing of the images that cascade,
Brought to a halt by the force of rain,
Are those of faces in the traffic, dismayed, 
They curse the weather for ruining their day
While I sit back at ease, glad that at least
Man doesn't yet have the reigns of nature in his hands.

Author's Bio:  Shailja Chaurasia is currently pursuing Masters in Modern History from Jawaharlal Nehru College, New Delhi. She paints, writes, reads , plays chess, and attempts to find ways through which to capture the little moments of the passing time.

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  1. The second poem is simply beautiful.....artistic! And the ending is very impactful, loaded with meaning! :)


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