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Not every criminal is punished. 
Neither is all nobility rewarded. 
Good is a fabrication,an adjective to hoax.
All Bad is the regret , we revoke. 

Not every "mine" belongs to me.
Neither any belonging has an address to be.
Not every being is a sign of living.
Life is not as typical as we have been musing.

Not every conversation needs to be meaningful.
Nor every joke comes from the mindful.
Not every silence is a scream in dark.
All darkness is not necessarily, an inferno or demark.

Not every road leads to a destination.
Nor every destination promise a direction.
Not every promise is meant to be broken.
All brokenness but find root in separation.

Not every mirage is an illusion.
No reality is possible without delusion.
No possibility comes without a dream.
All dreams are real, but sub-conscious freedom.

Not every angelic figure forms a mother.
Nor every parent silhouette makes a father.
Not all elderly ethic could be called correct.
All correctness originates from prejudice indirect. 

Not every absence leads to distance.
Nor every distance makes you yearn.
Not every yearning aggravates suffering.
All suffering but comes out of love.

Rolling in the Deep

Off they descend, at the turn of winds
Axis once lost, from a a tree; the leaf is now distinct 
In a state of drowsiness-fancying and floating
Oh ruthless October! Oblivious it is of its impinging.

Rhythmic in its flight- unhindered and projectile
Caressed by the wind, sometimes with melody or a lullaby.
Evaporated is its moisture; completely dried and sunken
Oh frail Leaf! You are exhausted and mercilessly broken.

Inevitability envelops the universe, possibilities poorly disappear.
The leaf swiftly dashes into the ground; mid-rib gets teared.
There it lays- beaten, trodden, crushed and plunged.
Another warrior buried on ground, among many unsung. 

Author's Bio:  Shreesti Kumari is a young poet from India. Her works have been published in notable literary journals and magazines. She keeps a keen interest in Indian English Literature and is an orator and reviewer as well. Shreesti has recently graduated from Karim City College, Jamshedpur, and is gearing up for her postgraduate degree in English Literature


  1. These poems are amazing Shreeshti... You have penned them beautifully and I am happy to see that you have such deep insights and also the ability to word them with clarity and utmost pristineness. Keep it up, girl. Looking forward to more of these in the days to come.

  2. Keep writing, more power to you. So happy to see you thriving like anything.


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