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I have changed. I have changed the direction of the sails. What had been a totally different journey to a totally different place is now a brand new voyage and on the ship that I am sailing I hope to reach the place my heart has envisioned, unheard of by my people. But also I am afraid to ponder, what if I'd later feel vain to have sailed that far, just what if the book that made me change the sails, later claims to be some poet's fantasy? What if I reach there to find that I don't belong there, but then the brutal past and the alluring future would not be any different because earlier I was sailing with the will of the winds.

This Moment

Do I write about her kindness or do I let it be, embedded deep inside my heart
Do I tell you about this breeze, this sun, this sky or would it be too vain to even try
Do I write about love or has it become too impossible a term momentarily for our world
Do I try to construct beautiful lines to tell you how the solitude feels whilst amateurishly setting up the imagery of this sleeping sun, erubescent sky, and the harmonious collaboration of this ruffling kite and tweeting birds or do I let myself be,
Do you figure out anything of all these things I am telling you or are you as lost as me?

Author's Bio:  Simranjeet Kaur, born in 1999 in Haryana, is currently pursuing her bachelor's at MCMDAV, Chandigarh. ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho encouraged her to follow her love for literature. She writes for herself currently and aspires to write for the world in near future.

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