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The Evening Star

Hearing the bustling sound of the leaves,
Watching the dark sky, 
I eagerly wait to see the evening star,
As I feel gloomy without your presence.
The gathering of the clouds above my window,
And the flashes of lightning once a while,
How I yearn for joyful days with you.
But the sky is grey today.
I call for the morning star
Because life goes on with the striking of the clock,
And I standstill with your memories.


As the sun brightens up amidst the misty sky,
I turn towards it in glee.
Taking the strings of happiness from the sunlight,
I make a veil of cheerfulness and joy.
The colourful butterflies and the busy bees unveil me,
They merrily sing and dance to their tunes all around.
Breaking the aura of sadness and hatred,
I send messages of love to the gloomy faces.
Loving the nature and spreading smiles is a joy for me. 
With a contented face I look at the nature,
For I have a friendship with happiness.
As the sun hides in the evening hues,
I am saddened by the colours of darkness,
But I eagerly wait for another bright day
To make a veil of love and joy again!
Author's Bio:  Simi Baruah is doing her undergraduate programme in English Literature in Assam Don Bosco University. She has been a Co-Author of two anthologies- Silver Mist and Misty Halos. Her areas of interest are creative writing and Victorian Literature.

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